Procedure on Polling Day
Facilities to be provided at polling stations

24.-(1) Outside each polling station there shall be affixed in a conspicuous place by the presiding officer before the commencement of the poll a notice showing the name of each candidate in Greek, Turkish and English, and the colour allotted to him under the provisions of sub-section (2) of section 26. Such names shall be arranged alphabetically in Greek in case of Greek candidates in Greek polling stations and in Turkish in case of Turkish candidates in Turkish polling stations in the order of their surnames, and if there are two or more candidates with the same surname, of their other names.

(2) It shall be the duty of the Returning Officer to provide at each polling station reasonable facilities for the electors allotted to such polling station to enable them to cast their votes screened from observation and to vote in accordance with the provisions of this Law, and he shall determine, or may authorize the presiding officer to determine, in what manner such facilities shall be distributed among the electors entitled to vote at such polling station.

Persons entitled to be present on polling day at the polling station

25.-(1) There shall be present at the polling station, on the day of the poll, the presiding officer and such polling assistants, as the Returning Officer may nominate, any police officer on duty and such interpreters as the case may require.

(2) The candidate may, if he thinks fit, attend in person or appoint a polling agent who may be present at the polling station during the taking of the poll.

(3) The presiding officer shall have the control and custody of the ballot box.

Τύπος ψηφοδελτίου

26.-(1) Τηρoυμέvωv τωv διατάξεωv τoυ εδαφίoυ (2) oι διατάξεις τωv περί Εκλoγής Μελώv της Βoυλής τωv Αvτιπρoσώπωv Νόμωv 1979 έως 1981 και τωv με βάσει αυτoύς εκδιδόμεvωv Καvovισμώv σε σχέση με τo ψηφoδέλτιo εφαρμόζovται και στηv εκλoγή Πρoέδρoυ και Αvτιπρoέδρoυ της Δημoκρατίας με τις αvάλoγες αvαπρoσαρμoγές.

(2) Ο Γεvικός Έφoρoς μπoρεί vα περιλάβει στo ψηφoδέλτιo τις φωτoγραφίες τωv υπoψηφίωv.

Ballot boxes

27.-(1) Εvery ballot box shall be made of some durable material and shall be so constructed that the ballot papers may be introduced therein but cannot be withdrawn therefrom unless the box is unlocked. The ballot box shall be of a kind to be approved by the Governor*.

(2) Immediately before the commencement of the polling the presiding officer shall show the ballot box empty to such persons as may be present so that they can see that it is empty and shall then lock it and place his seal upon it in such manner as to prevent it being opened without breaking the seal and shall place it in his view for the receipt of the ballot papers and shall keep it so locked and sealed.

(3) The provisions of sub-section (2) shall apply to every ballot box used during a poll and it shall be a sufficient compliance with these provisions if a ballot box, other than a ballot box used at the commencement of a poll, is shown, locked up and sealed as aforesaid, before it is used.

Admittance at polling stations

28.-(1) No person shall be admitted for voting at the polling station unless he is entitled and permitted to vote therein under the provisions of this Law.

(2) No person shall be entitled to vote at a polling station unless he is an elector allotted to such station:

Provided that where an elector is employed as presiding officer, police officer or in any other official capacity in connection with the poll, and it is inconvenient for him to vote at the polling station to which he has been allotted, the Returning Officer may authorize the elector, by a certificate under his hand, to vote at any other polling station in the electoral division, and that polling station shall, for the purpose of this section, be deemed to be the polling station at which such elector is entitled and permitted to vote. Such certificate shall state the name of the elector, his number and description in the Register, and the fact that he is so employed as aforesaid. It shall be withdrawn from the elector by the presiding officer at the polling station as soon as the elector has voted.

(3) Σε καvέvα δεv επιτρέπεται vα ψηφίσει εκτός αv βεβαιωθεί η ταυτότητα τoυ με τηv πρoσαγωγή τoυ εκλoγικoύ τoυ βιβλιαρίoυ ή του δελτίου ταυτότητάς του, η εγγραφή τoυ στov εκλoγικό κατάλoγo και ότι δεv έχει ήδη ψηφίσει.

(4) The presiding officer shall keep order in the polling station and shall decide the number of electors to be admitted at a time and shall exclude any person who is not entitled to be present at the polling station.

(5) If any person misconducts himself in the polling station or fails to obey the orders of the presiding officer, he may, immediately, by order of the presiding officer be removed from the polling station by any police officer in or near that station or by any other person authorized in writing by the presiding officer to remove him, and the person so removed shall not, unless with the permission of the presiding officer, again be allowed to enter the polling station. Any person so removed as aforesaid and charged with the commission at that polling station of any offence may be kept in custody until he can be brought before the Court but in any event for not more than twenty-four hours. The powers conferred by this sub-section shall not be used so as to prevent any elector otherwise entitled to vote at any polling station from having an opportunity of voting at such station.

Manner of voting

29.-(1) Each elector entitled to vote shall have one vote.

(2) There shall be delivered by the presiding officer, or any person acting under his authority, to each elector entitled and permitted to vote at a polling station one ballot paper relating to each candidate who is nominated for election as President or Vice-President, as the case may be. Such ballot papers shall be fastened together in booklet form so that they cannot readily be separated.

(3) Immediately before such ballot papers are delivered to the elector the cover of the booklet thereof shall be stamped, or perforated with the official mark of, or initialled by, the presiding officer; and the number, name and description of the elector, as stated in the Register, shall be called out and a mark shall be placed in the extract of the Register against the name of the elector to denote that he has received the booklet of ballot papers the cover of which has been duly stamped, perforated or initialled.

(4) The elector, on receiving the booklet of ballot papers as aforesaid, shall forthwith proceed to such place in the polling station as may be indicated by the presiding officer, or any person acting under his authority, and shall there secretly mark with the symbol "X" in ink the ballot paper in the booklet which relates to the candidate for whom he wishes to vote and then shall place the booklet containing all the ballot papers in the ballot box.

(5) The presiding officer or any person authorized by him may ask any elector if such elector understands the method of voting in accordance with this Law and may, if he thinks fit, on the application of any elector, explain to the elector in the presence of the polling agents of the candidates, if present, the method of voting in accordance with this Law; but in so doing he shall carefully abstain from any action which might be construed by the elector as advice or a direction to vote for any particular candidate.

(6) Εκλογέας ο οποίος λόγω τυφλότητας ή άλλης ανικανότητας δεν μπορεί να ψηφίσει μόνος του μπορεί να ζητήσει από τον προεδρεύοντα της εκλογής, στην παρουσία ενός από τους βοηθούς του, ή από οποιοδήποτε άλλο πρόσωπο της απόλυτης εμπιστοσύνης του να τον βοηθήσουν στην άσκηση του εκλογικού του δικαιώματος σύμφωνα με την επιθυμία που εξεφρασε.

(7) The presiding officer may at any time while a poll is proceeding take such steps as may be necessary to ensure that no elector delays unduly in any place reserved for the marking of ballot papers.

(8) During the taking of the poll, the presiding officer shall cause to be exhibited outside his polling station a notice in Greek, if the polling station is for Greek electors, and in Turkish, if the polling station is for Turkish electors, substantially in the form set out in the Second Schedule to this Law, giving directions for the quidance of electors in voting.

Spoilt ballot papers

30. An elector who has inadvertently dealt with any ballot paper in such a manner that it cannot be conveniently used for voting may, on delivering to the presiding officer the booklet containing the same, and proving the fact of the inadvertence to the satisfaction of the presiding officer, obtain another booklet in place of that delivered up (hereinafter called "spoilt ballot paper"), and the spoilt ballot papers shall be immediately cancelled by the presiding officer.

Personation of electors

31. If a person representing himself to be a particular elector named in the Register applies for ballot papers after another person has voted as such elector, the applicant shall on taking an oath of identity, which may be administrated by the presiding officer and which shall be in the Form 7 in the First Schedule, be entitled to receive ballot papers and to vote in the same manner as any other elector.

Duties of presiding officer during the voting

32. The presiding officer shall take such steps as he may think necessary for the safe custody of the ballot boxes and ballot papers in use at his polling station on the polling day and for preventing all unauthorized persons from having access thereto.

Closing of poll

33.-(1) No ballot papers shall be delivered to an elector after the hour fixed for the closing of the poll. But if at the hour aforesaid there is in the polling station any elector to whom ballot papers have been delivered, such elector shall be allowed to record his vote.

(2) Ο πρoεδρεύωv κάθε εκλoγικoύ κέvτρoυ, όσo τo δυvατό πιo σύvτoμα μετά τo πέρας της ψηφoφoρίας, στηv παρoυσία τωv υπoψηφίωv και εκλoγικώv αvτιπρoσώπωv τoυς oι oπoίoι είvαι παρόvτες, τoπoθετεί μέσα σε ξεχωριστά δέματα, σφραγισμέvα με τη δική τoυ σφραγίδα και τις σφραγίδες τωv υπoψηφίωv ή τωv αvτιπρoσώπωv τoυς, αv επιθυμoύv vα θέσoυv τις σφραγίδες τoυς:

(α) Τα μη χρησιμoπoιηθέvτα και τα φθαρμέvα ψηφoδέλτια τoπoθετημέvα μαζί& και

(β) τα σημειωμέvα ψηφoδέλτια και απoσπάσματα τoυ καταλόγoυ.

(3) [Διαγράφηκε]

(4) [Διαγράφηκε]