Admittance at polling stations

28.-(1) No person shall be admitted for voting at the polling station unless he is entitled and permitted to vote therein under the provisions of this Law.

(2) No person shall be entitled to vote at a polling station unless he is an elector allotted to such station:

Provided that where an elector is employed as presiding officer, police officer or in any other official capacity in connection with the poll, and it is inconvenient for him to vote at the polling station to which he has been allotted, the Returning Officer may authorize the elector, by a certificate under his hand, to vote at any other polling station in the electoral division, and that polling station shall, for the purpose of this section, be deemed to be the polling station at which such elector is entitled and permitted to vote. Such certificate shall state the name of the elector, his number and description in the Register, and the fact that he is so employed as aforesaid. It shall be withdrawn from the elector by the presiding officer at the polling station as soon as the elector has voted.

(3) Σε καvέvα δεv επιτρέπεται vα ψηφίσει εκτός αv βεβαιωθεί η ταυτότητα τoυ με τηv πρoσαγωγή τoυ εκλoγικoύ τoυ βιβλιαρίoυ, η εγγραφή τoυ στov εκλoγικό κατάλoγo και ότι δεv έχει ήδη ψηφίσει.

(4) The presiding officer shall keep order in the polling station and shall decide the number of electors to be admitted at a time and shall exclude any person who is not entitled to be present at the polling station.

(5) If any person misconducts himself in the polling station or fails to obey the orders of the presiding officer, he may, immediately, by order of the presiding officer be removed from the polling station by any police officer in or near that station or by any other person authorized in writing by the presiding officer to remove him, and the person so removed shall not, unless with the permission of the presiding officer, again be allowed to enter the polling station. Any person so removed as aforesaid and charged with the commission at that polling station of any offence may be kept in custody until he can be brought before the Court but in any event for not more than twenty-four hours. The powers conferred by this sub-section shall not be used so as to prevent any elector otherwise entitled to vote at any polling station from having an opportunity of voting at such station.