Ballot boxes

27.-(1) Εvery ballot box shall be made of some durable material and shall be so constructed that the ballot papers may be introduced therein but cannot be withdrawn therefrom unless the box is unlocked. The ballot box shall be of a kind to be approved by the Governor*.

(2) Immediately before the commencement of the polling the presiding officer shall show the ballot box empty to such persons as may be present so that they can see that it is empty and shall then lock it and place his seal upon it in such manner as to prevent it being opened without breaking the seal and shall place it in his view for the receipt of the ballot papers and shall keep it so locked and sealed.

(3) The provisions of sub-section (2) shall apply to every ballot box used during a poll and it shall be a sufficient compliance with these provisions if a ballot box, other than a ballot box used at the commencement of a poll, is shown, locked up and sealed as aforesaid, before it is used.