Withdrawal of candicate

14.-(1) A candidate may, at any time prior to the date of the poll, or, in the case of an uncontested election, at any time before he is declared to be elected, withdraw his candidature by giving a notice in writing to that effect signed by him to the Returning Officer.

(2) The Returning Officer on receiving the notice under subsection (1) shall forthwith cause notice of such withdrawal to be posted in a conspicuous place outside the place of nomination.

(3) Καμιά διάταξη τoυ παρόvτoς άρθρoυ καθιστά άκυρo τo ψηφoδέλτιo πoυ περιλαμβάvει τo όvoμα υπoψηφίoυ πoυ έχει απoσυρθεί.