Objections to nomination papers

13.-(1) Objection may be made to any nomination papers on all or any of the following grounds:-

(a) that the description of the candidate is insufficient to identify the candidate;

(b) that the nomination papers do not comply with or were not delivered in accordance with the provisions of this Law;

(c) that it is apparent from the contents of the nomination papers that the candidate is not capable of being elected;

(d) that no deposit as provided by section 11 was deposited,

by any person whose name appears in a Register of the same community as that of the candidate.

(2) Any such objection shall be in writing and specify the grounds on which it is based. The objection shall be delivered to the Returning Officer not later than six hours after the expiration of the time appointed for the nomination.

(3) The Returning Officer shall, with the least possible delay, decide on every objection and inform the candidate and objector of his decision which, if disallowing the objection, shall be final and conclusive and shall not be questioned in any Court of law, but, if allowing the objection, may be reversed on an election petition questioning the election.

(4) The Returning Officer may of his own motion declare invalid on any of the grounds set out in sub-section (1) any nomination papers and thereupon he shall inform the candidate concerned of his decision which may be reversed on an election petition questioning the election.