Proceedings on nomination day

12.-(1) The Returning Officer shall on the day of nomination attend at the place of nomination at the appointed time to receive the nomination papers of every candidate.

(2) The nomination papers shall be delivered to the Returning Officer on the day and at the appointed time at the place of nomination by the candidate himself or his proposer or one of his seconders and if not so delivered they shall be rejected.

(3) On receipt of the completed nomination papers the Returning Officer shall forthwith publish, by posting it in a conspicuous place at the place of nomination, a notice containing the name of the candidate and the names of his proposer and seconders.

(4) The candidate nominated by each nomination paper and his proposer and one of his seconders and one other person appointed by the candidate in writing shall be entitled to be present at the nomination proceedings and there and then to examine the nomination papers of candidates which have been received at the place of nomination. No other person except the Returning Officer and his assistants shall be entitled to attend the nomination proceedings.