Deposit by candidate

11.-(1) Every candidate not later than the time his nomination papers are delivered at the office of the Returning Officer in accordance with sections 10 and 12 shall deposit or cause to be deposited with the Returning Officer the sum of δύο χιλιάδων ευρώ (€2.000) or a written receipt issued by or on behalf of the Accountant-General δύο χιλιάδες ευρώ (€2.000) received from or on account of such candidate in respect of such deposit and the nomination shall not be valid until such deposit has been made.

(2) The deposit of δύο χιλιάδων ευρώ (€2.000) referred to in subsection (1) shall be repayable to the candidate and in the case of his death to his heirs or his personal representative if-

(a) there is no contested election; or

(b) if there is a contested election, the candidate obtains votes equal to not less τoυ τρία τοις εκατόν (3%) of the total of votes validly polled,

and in any other case such deposit shall be forfeited and shall be paid into general revenue.