Nomination papers

10.-(1) Any person qualified to be a candidate in accordance with the provisions of this Law may be nominated as a candidate for an election.

(2) Every candidate shall be nominated by separate nomination paper in the Form 3 of the First Schedule. The nomination paper shall be signed by the candidate and by nine electors whose names appear in a Register of electors of the same community as that of the candidate, one as his proposer and eight as his seconders.

(3) Every candidate shall, at the time of nomination, deliver to the Returning Officer-

(a) his nomination paper; and

(b) a statutory declaration of his qualifications made and subscribed by the candidate in the Form 4 of the First Schedule;

(γ) Τo έμβλημα τoυ κόμματoς ή συvασπισμoύ κoμμάτωv από τo oπoίo πρoέρχεται o υπoψήφιoς, αv τoύτo επιθυμεί,

(hereinafter referred to as "the nomination papers"). If such nomination papers are not delivered by or on behalf of the candidate at the time of nomination, the nomination shall be deemed to be void.

(4) Τhe Returning Officer may at any time between the date of the issue of the writ and 12 o' clock noon of the day of nomination supply forms of nomination papers to any person whose name appears in a Register.