Writs of election

9.-(1) The Governor* shall, for the purpose of an election, issue writs of election under the Public Seal of Cyprus, addressed to the Returning Officers.

(2) A writ of election shall be in the Form 1 of the First Schedule and shall appoint-

(a) the day (hereinafter referred to as "the day of nomination"), the time and the place (hereinafter referred to as "the place of nomination") at which the Returning Officers are to receive the nomination of duly qualified candidates;

(b) the day on which a poll (hereinafter referred to as "the day of the poll") shall be taken if more than one candidate stands nominated; and

(c) the date on which the writ shall be returned to the Governor*.

(3) The day of nomination and the day of the poll for the election of the Vice-President shall be the same in each case at the days specified under paragraphs (a) and (b) of sub-section (2) for the election of the President.

(4) H ημέρα υπoβoλής υπoψηφιoτήτωv πρέπει vα oρίζεται τo αργότερo μέσα σε δεκαπέvτε ημέρες μετά τηv ημερoμηvία έκδoσης τoυ εvτάλματoς εκλoγής και η ημερoμηvία διεξαγωγής της ψηφoφoρίας είvαι η τριακoστή ημέρα από τηv ημερoμηvία υπoβoλής υπoψηφιoτήτωv. Για τov υπoλoγισμό τωv τριάvτα ημερώv, oι δημόσιες αργίες υπoλoγίζovται.

(5) At an election the day of nomination and the day of the poll shall be the same in all constituencies.

(6) On the issue of a writ of election notice shall be published forthwith in the Gazette and in at least three Greek and three Turkish newspapers, circulating in Cyprus, of the issue of the writ, of the day of nomination, of the place of nomination and of the day of the poll; and each Returning Officer shall give further notice of the issue of the writ and of the time and place of nomination by causing notices in the Form 2 of the First Schedule to be published in such places within Cyprus as he may deem necessary at least three days before the day of nomination.