Notice of opposition

10.-(1) If any person served with a summons to attend the hearing of an appeal or application intends to oppose such appeal or application, such person shall, not later than fourteen days after the service of such summons on him, file with the Registrar a notice of such intention in Form 3, and leave a copy thereof for the applicant at his address for service.

(2) Such notice shall refer to the specific section of the Law or the specific Rules of Court upon which the opposition is founded. Any facts relied upon in opposition which are not apparent on the face proceedins shall be set out in one or more affidavits accompanying the notice of opposition, and copies of such affidavits shall be left for the applicant together with such notice.

(3) If there is a conflict between the applicant and any person giving notice of opposition in regard to the facts, the applicant or such person must, at the hearing of the summons, be prepared to prove the facts he relieds upon in so far as the burden of proof lies upon him.