11(1) Failure to attend, 11(2) Costs thrown away by non-attendance

11.-(1) Where any of the parties to a summons fail to attend, whether upon the return of the summons, or at any time fixed for hearing or further hearing of the matter, the Court may proceed ex parte, if, considering the nature of the case, the Court thinks it expedient so to do.

(2) Where the Court has proceeded ex parte, such proceeding shall not in any manner be reconsidered by the Court, unless the Court shall be satisfied that the party failing to attend was not guilty of wilful delay or negligence; and in such case the costs occasioned by his non-attendance shall be in the discretion of the Court, which may fix the same at the time, and direct them to be paid by the party before he shall be permitted to have such proceeding reconsidered, or make such other order as to such costs as the Court thinks just.