Power to Governor to make Regulations

5.-(1) The Governor may from time to time make Regulations to be published in the Gazette for all or any of the purposes of this Law.

(2) In particular and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing power, such Regulations may relate to all or any of the following matters, except where specific provision therefor is made in this Law, that is to say-

(a) the ages between which children shall be entitled to attend school or to receive elementary instruction therein free of charge, and the ages between which children shall attend school in a compulsory school attendance area;

(α1) τον καθορισμόν ή τον τρόπον καθορισμού περιφερειών, εν οιαδήποτε πόλει, χωρίω ή συμπλέγματι, εξ ων θα προέρχωνται οι μαθηταί οίτινες θα φοιτώσιν εις έκαστον σχολείον της τοιαύτης πόλεως, χωρίου ή συμπλέγματος~

(b) the attendance of children at school, their expulsion, removal or superannuation therefrom and the transfer of children from one school to another;

(c) the auditing of school accounts;

(d) the books to be used in schools and in school libraries;

(e) the conduct of business at meetings of Boards of Education, Town Committees, Village Commissions and Committees of Management, ως και την άσκησιν περαιτέρω αρμοδιοτήτων και τον τρόπον της τοιαύτης ασκήσεως υπό Εκπαιδευτικών Συμβουλίων, Σχολικών Εφορειών, Χωριτικών Αρχών και Επιτροπών Διαχειρίσεως~

(f) the examination and registration of teachers;

(g) the curriculum, syllabus and courses of instruction to be followed in schools;

(h) the development, erection, extension, improvement, provision, renting or repairing of any school buildings, gardens, playgrounds, premises and yards in any town or village and, in any village, of teachers dwellings;

(i) the duties and powers of school attendance officers, inspectors, assistant inspectors and sub-inspectors of schools;

(j) the duties and powers of teachers;

(k) the discipline to be enforced upon children;

(l) the establishment, management and maintenance of school libraries;

(m) the furniture and equipment of schools;

(n) the grading of schools;

(o) the grants and loans to be made from the Education Funds established under this Law or otherwise;

(p) the health, cleanliness, medical examination and treatment and the nutrition of children attending school;

(q) the holidays and vacations to be kept in schools and by teachers, and the manner of celebrating any holiday;

(r) the inspection, examination, management, supervision and hours of opening and closing of schools;

(s) the nature of information which shall be furnished to teachers or school attendance officers by any person from whom such information may be demanded;

(t) the mode of administering and acounting for any school property by Town Committees, Village Commissions and Committees of Management;

(u) the mode of payment of teachers’ salaries and the times at which they are to be paid;

(v) the qualifications, educational and otherwise, to be possessed by teachers;

(κγ) παν θέμα όπερ δυνάμει των διατάξεων του παρόντος Νόμου χρήζει ή είναι επιδεκτικόν καθορισμού.

(3) The Regulations may provide for the imposition on offenders against the same of penalties not exceeding .25 for each offence, and in case of a continuing offence a further penalty not exceeding .25 for each day during which the offence continues.