Prescription of schools and appointment of teachers.

26.-(1) The Governor on or before the 15th day of August in each year shall prescrible for each religious community the towns, villages and groups in which schools shall be in operation during the school year next ensuing, the nature and grade of each school and the names of the teachers to be appointed to each school:

Provided that with regard to schools other Greek-Orthodox or Moslem the prescription by the Governor of schools which shall be in operation during the school year next ensuing shall be a sufficient compliance with this section without any further particulars.

(2) No school attended by children between the ages of four and fourteen ή ετέρας ηλικίας καθοριζομένης διά Κανονισμών δυνάμει του ορισμού της λέξεως “παιδίον” εν τω άρθρω 2 ή δυνάμει του άρθρου 5 shall be opened, maintained, conducted or be in operation in any town or village unless-

(a) such school has been prescribed by the Governor under the provisions of this section or of section 27 of this Law; or

(b) the written authority of the Governor therefor has been previously obtained.

(3) Any person acting in contravention of subsection (2) hereof, shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding .250, and in case of a continuing offence to a further fine not exceeding .250 for each day during which the offence continues:

Provided that no prosecution for an offence under this section shall be instituted except by or with the consent of the Attorney-General.