Director's reasons for decision

6.-(1) The Director shall, when so requested by a person aggrieved by any order, notice or decision of the Director made or given under the provisions of the Law, who signifies his intention to appeal against such order, notice or decision, furnish such person with a statement of his reasons therefor, which statement shall be filed statement shall be filved with the Registrar together with the summons (Form 2).

(2) Where an office copy of the summons (Form 2) is served on the Director under the provisions of Rule 5, he shall, within fourteen days after the date of such service, file with the Registrar a statement of the reasons for the order, notice or decision appealed against, unless he shall have previously supplied such statement to the person aggrieved under the provisions of paragraph (1) of this rule: Provided that the Director may, within the aforesaid period of fourteen days, apply to the Court ex parte for an extension of time, and shall forthwith give notice of any extension allowed by the Court to all parties to the proceedings.

(3) On filing his statement of reasons with the Registrar, the Director shall leave, for each party to the proceedings, a copy thereof for service plus a duplicate of such copy for the affidavit of service.