Offences and penalties

14.-(1) Any person who erects or causes to be erected or authorizes the erection of any hoarding or who displays or causes to be displayed any advertisement in contravention of the provisions of this Law shall be guilty of an offence and shall be liable on conviction to a fine not exceeding ,125, and to a further fine not exceeding ,25 for every day during which the contravention is continued after his conviction thereof and in the event of any person persistently contravening the provisions of this Law, the Court may at the request of a Council or a Commissioner or an Improvement Board, as the case may be, authorize the forfeiture and confiscation of the offending advertisement or hoarding:

(2) All fines recovered under this Law or any bye-laws made thereunder for offences committed within the area of a municipal corporation shall be paid to the town fund of the municipal corporation concerned.