Application of Law

3.-(1) This Law shall apply to the display on land in the Colony of all advertisements, except any advertisement-

(a) relating to any service in a church, chapel, or mosque (including any advertisement relating to funeral services);

(b) relating to an election held or to be held in the Colony or any area thereof under any Law for the time being in force;

(c) displayed on enclosed land, and not readily visible from land outside the enclosure wherein it is displayed or from any part of such enclosure over which there is a public right of way or to which there is public right of access;

(d) displayed within a building and not readily visible from outside such building;

(e) displayed within the ground floor window of a shop;

(f) displayed on or in a vehicle;

(g) incorporated in, and forming part of, the fabric of a building, other than a building used principally for the display of such advertisements or a hoarding or similar structure;

(h) displayed under the provisions of any other Law or public instrument for the time being in force.

(2) For the purposes of this section-

"enclosed land" means land which is wholly or for the most part enclosed within a hedge, fence, wall or similar screen or structure, and for the avoidance of doubt shall be deemed to include an open-air cinematograph threatre;

"vehicle" means a vehicle normally employed as a moving vehicle on any road.

(3) No advertisement shall be deemed to be displayed within a building or within the window of a shop unless there is full access to the advertisement from inside the building or the shop.

(4) No advertisement shall be deemed to form part of the fabric of a building by reason only of being affixed to, or painted on, the building.