Duties and powers of Mufti

6. The Mufti shall have and exercise the following duties and powers with regard to matters concerning persons of the Turkish Community in Cyprus, that is to say:

(a) to appoint, due regard being had to the funds available, Muderris, the Mussevit, Imams, Muezzins, Preachers and such other personnel as may be required to assist in religious functions and prescribe their training and duties, exercising such supervision over them as may be necessary to secure proper compliance, with power to suspend or dismiss them if they fail to carry out their respective duties in a satisfactory manner;

(b)to pay periodical visits to towns and villages, to deliver sermons in the Mosques and, generally, to advise the members of the Turkish Community on religious matters;

(c)to issue "Fetvas" defining religious principles and prescribing the religious holidays, the time for prayers, and the fasting hours;

(d)to direct and supervise the distribution to the poor of alms and "Zekats" contributed by moslems;

(e)to authorize the erection of new Mosques and major repairs to existing Mosques and to supervise the running of Mosques, Tekkes, Shrines and Moslem Cemeteries, due regard being had to the funds available.