Qualifications for election as Mufti

4.-(1) No person shall be eligible for election or shall be elected as a Mufti unless he is a moslem of Turkish race who has attained the age of forty years and possesses an Ijazet diploma or a degree in theology from the Istanbul, Ankara or El Azhar universities.

(2) For the purposes of this section "Ijazet diploma" means a certificate of competence granted by a former "Medresh", that is to say, an authoritative high school of religion functioning at the time, in the presence of religious dignitaries, to those who had completed their studies therein on the following subjects:-

Arabic language and literature,

Sheri law and jurisprudence of Islam,

Traditions of Mohammed and commentaries thereon,

Interpretation and commentaries on Koran,

Theology, Logic, Philosophy, and

The Moslem Sacred Law of Inheritance.