Compulsory retirement and removal of Mufti

9.-(1) If at any time a representation is made to the Governor that a Mufti-

(a) by reason of physical or other disability is unable to attend or perform the duties of his office; or

(b) has been guilty of conduct unbecoming to the office of Mufti as by this Law established or of serious, persistent or continuous neglect of duty,

the Governor may appoint a committee consisting of four moslems of Turkish race under the chairmanship of a Turkish judicial or legal officer of moslem faith to inquire into the matter.

(2)An inquiry under this section shall be conducted in such manner as the Governor may direct and, at every such inquiry, the Mufti shall have a right to be present or be represented.

(3) If, after inquiring into the matter, the committee is satisfied as to the truth of any representation made under this section, it may require the Mufti to retire or may advise him with regard to his future conduct in the matter forming the subject of the inquiry.

(4) Any decision of the committee shall be subject to appeal to the Supreme Court, whose decision shall be final and conclusive. The Rules of Court relating to civil appeals in force for the time being shall be applicable to any such appeal.

(5) Any decision which involves the removal of the Mufti shall be published in the Gazette and, thereupon, the Mufti shall cease to hold office and the office of the Mufti shall become vacant.