Amount required for provision, erection, etc., of school buildings, premises, etc., and recovery thereof

89.-(1) When the Governor under section 75 of this Law shall have permitted, required, or ordered any Town Committee or Village Commission or Committee of Management to provide, erect, repair, extend, improve or develop any school buildings, premises, playgrounds, yards, gardens or teachers’ dwellings in any town or village, and the expense has been estimated as provided in section 76 of this Law or otherwise to the satisfaction of the Governor, the Governor may by notice in the Gazette order the sum required, or if the sum required has been raised by a loan, the annual interest and sinking fund for that loan, to be recovered-

(a) for schools situated in any village in the manner in section 90 of this Law provided;

(b) for schools situated in any town in the manner in section 95 of this Law provided.

(2) The interest and sinking fund on any loans made under the provisions of this Law or of any Law relating to Elementary Education previously in force shall likewise be provided in the manner in section 90 or 95 of this Law provided, as the case may be, or in such other manner as the Governor may in any special case direct.