Fees, charges, etc.

104.-(1) No fee or charge of any kind shall be imposed on or taken from any child or the parent of such child in respect of elementary instruction or in connection therewith by any Town Committee or Village Commission or teacher.

(2) Any Committee of Management may, with the approval of the Director previously obtained, impose and take fees in schools under their management and supervision.

(3) Every Town Committee, Village Commission or Committee of Management of any religious community shall provide free of charge for every child belonging to the same religious community and attending a school of which the said Committee or Commission has the general management or supervision under this Law all books precribed by Regulations to be used in schools and all other books and writing materials which in the opinion of the Director are required for the efficient instruction of pupils at such schools.

Provided that any Town Committee, Village Commission or Committee of Management may charge for books and writing materials supplied to pupils whose parents, in the opinion of the Committee or Commission, are in a position to pay for the same.