Vesting of property

84.-(1) All property already acquired by or for any school under the provisions of any Law heretofore in force or that shall hereafter be acquired under the provisions of this Law or otherwise shall, if movable vest in, and if immovable vest in and be registered in, the names of the following persons to be held in trust for the school concerned-

(a) for Greek-Orthodox and Moslem schools in towns, the Chairman of the Town Committee and in villages the Chairman of the Village Commission;

(b) for schools of other religious communities, as the Governor may direct.

(2) All such immovable property of every category shall be registered in the books of the District Lands Office in accordance with the preceding subsection unless the same has been acquired by gift or dedication in which case the property shall be held and registered in accordance with the terms of the deed of gift or dedication, if any.

(3) No disposition of such immovable property shall hereafter be made without the authority of the Governor.

(4) No such property whether movable or immovable shall be liable to be attached, seized, taken or sold in execution of any judgment.

(5) No tax, rate or due whatsoever shall be leviable in respect of such property.