30.-(1) The Director may interedict from his duties any teacher whose conduct may appear to him prejudicial to the interests of the school in which he is teaching or of the religious community interested in such school, and may provide a substitute for the performance of his duties:

Provided that such interdiction shall immediately be laid before the Governor.

(2) A teacher who has been interdicted shall, pending consideration of his case by the Governor, receive one-half of his salary. If the Governor decides not to take any action against such teacher as in section 31 of this Law provided, such teacher shall be entitled to the full amount of salary which he would have received if he had not been interdicted:

Provided that a teacher who is interdicted on account of his conviction on a criminal charge or who, while under interdiction is convicted of a criminal charge shall receive no salary from the date of his conviction pending consideration of his case by the Governor.